Our entire menu is 14 pages long with an enormous selection of breakfast and brunch items. Here’s an entire list of our breakfast and brunch items. For your convenience, click one of these sub-categories to jump to that section on the page:


Three panned (not grilled) eggs are introduced to sauteed ingredients and served with our spicy home fries with your choice of breads. Nobody does it quite like we do.

Crepes aren’t merely flat pancakes. Each one is carefully crafted by hand in a process that takes a great amount of skill and practice. Our “savory” crepes match a very particular sweetness to savory combinations of flavors.


Each of our In House Sweet Crepes are carefully developed creations of pure delicious. Who says you can’t have dessert for breakfast?

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Whatever your flavor, we have it! We shop every couple of days and hand pick the freshest fruit and berries.

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Hot, or cold, we introduce a medley of freshly-cut fruit, hand-picked berries, nuts and whatever else seems to fit on any given day. Every day is a slightly different surprise of flavor.